The moral of the story do NOT park in the bike lane in Vilnius Lithuania or the mayor will crush your car with a tank. ;) 

(personally I think all cities should adopt this method lol!)

I have a feeling that Thor Hushovd is going to be the Chuck Noris of cycling lol!

(obviously not taken by me and my bad camera)

The sprint my husband won. (he is the one in white) He was shaking after each sprint because of how much adrenalin was pumping into his blood.

As you may know my husband was in a road bike race this past week called "The Tour de Bozeman"  in Bozeman Montana.

Day one was the Criteriam (you race around and around a very short course for a set amount of time)

It was held in Big Sky Montana (here are some pictures of the lovely town and landscape!)

(mountain near Big Sky, I think its a ski resort)

(view on the other side of the course)

(the main mall area of Big Sky)

(a waterfall near Big Sky)

My husband ended up getting lapped and pulled with only 8 laps to go but took 7th out of 10 Cat 5 riders (they also had master B in the same race but they dont count against his score) Getting lapped only once was a major improvement because in Colorado he had been lapped like 6 or more times because that one was a no pull race.

Ther was also a big crash on the last lap of Cat 5 and some guy broke his pelvis because of it…OUCH!

(my husband is the one in the white and he isnt in the second photo)

(husband taking corners)

(the peloton)

(happy husband ;)   )

The second day was Time trials and sprints. I did not go to the time trials because there was not going to be anything for me to do when he was riding and no photo opportunities. I did how ever go to the sprints ;) 

He ended up taking 14th out of 15 in the Time trial (he needs to work on that me thinks)

And 5th out of 15 in the sprints. He had never tried or even practiced the sprints before so he thought he was going to get last. Not so ;) He even won one of them and did quite well in the others. I think he found his gift ;) (I have video of his sprints I will upload later)

Also Tj Van Garderen’s ( a pro cyclist who is in the “Tour de France” right now who grew up in Bozeman Montana) dad ,Marcel Van Garderen, was racing in the Master A class for all the races.

He ended up almost running me over during the sprints because after their sprints they went back to the start by riding through the crowd on the sidewalk. He forgot to warn anyone he was coming so because my back was to him I didnt see him and we almost collided because I turned around and BOOM he was like right behind me lol!

(no we didnt get his autograph or ask for his sons cause that would be creepy)

(warming up for sprints)

(womens cat 1,2,3 sprint)

Day three was the road race. For cat 5 it was 45 miles long with 2821feet of climbing. He took 21st out of 25. He also need to work on his climbing because it was there he lost ground. I also did not go to this one because of nothing to do and nowhere to take photos.

All and all he finished 5th out of 7 people who did all 4 races ;) Im proud of him ;)

We drove home that night and woke up around noon today and are currently catching up on the “Tour de France” cause we missed like three to four days of it haha!

My husband took 5th out of 15 yesterday in the sprints…Id say thats good considering he had never done a sprint before, and had never even practiced them.

(this is road biking )


Today I went for a 12.63 mile ride.
We took it at a leisurely pace so it took us about 1 hour and 29 min ;)

Here is what a lot of the roads look like around here right now

Thats a road and it used to be completely under water. It has gone down.


REBLOG if you ride and have this tan -__-

TUMBLR CRUSHES TUESDAY!!!!!! All crushes urls are in order from top left to bottom right ;) I seem to have a lot of male crushes this week lol! (I have also found out that a lot of my favs are long read posts …0.o lol!)

TUMBLR CRUSHES TUESDAY!!!!!! All crushes urls are in order from top left to bottom right ;) I seem to have a lot of male crushes this week lol! (I have also found out that a lot of my favs are long read posts …0.o lol!)

Ok so biked to the pool and swam 200m .

(Oh look i did this yesterday too haha!)

Not as good as yesterday because on the first lap I somehow got water into my sinuses so everytime I would go up for a breath it would trickle down into my lungs and make me come up sputtering at the end of every lap… I had to take twice as long as I was supposed to during rests just to clear my lungs…grrr…

My arms were not as tired though ;)

I was also able to tred water for 6 min strait which is a min more than yesterday ;) I think I am learning to push myself harder.

all and all it felt good.

YAY SWIMMING!!!!!! (and biking)

So we biked to the pool and back today for a total of 1.14 miles (tiny distance but its raining out )

I swam 200m (following the training plan for sprint triathlons found here except I am not doing them on the days they say because of personal scheduling and im only following the swimming plan. ) and I treded water for 5 min without a break ;)

I feel awesome! ;P

LOOK IM IN THE LEAD!!!! (Not for long but I am going to bask in the lime light when I can haha!)

Swam 250m ;) I was able to swim up to two laps without resting (thats a lot for me lol!)

My breathing was easier too.

After that we tread water and I was able to do the equivalent  of 5 min of treading water though I did have to take 30 second breaks about every min to min and a half.

We biked had there and back and then we biked to the pet store to get crickets for our anole. That totaled about 4 miles of biking. We wont be able to bike much this week though because its going to be rainy :(

Oh well we will do our best hehe!