Im sore, tired, and cranky…..grumble grumble…..but Im going to….ive already done yoga so all thats left is Pilates and 30 day shred….im only running every other day….and sunday is my rest day so I HAVE to workout or ill feel like crap having two rest days a week haha! (yea I feel so much worse if I dont workout at least 20 min a day)

I cant exercise (contrary to popular belief exercising does not always make your week any lighter…and mine are REALLY BAD,

because I cant exercise I dont have much to write about, so I lose followers, which makes me more unlikely to want to write, which makes me feel lazier than I already feel lol!

Sigh only two to four more days of this though lol! ….I hope…..

Oh if you have any questions that might help me get out of my rut lol! ;) ?