Got my first ever pair of Feiyues today :) So EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love them already :P)

A lot of the members had left for internships over the summer (its all college/grad students except for me haha!)(I think Im also the only girl….) Debating whether to go to them with a baby in the heat or try to train by myself in my apartment….

I HATE shoes….lol! (I grew up on a farm so I NEVER wore shoes until winter came and even then I still wasnt happy…) This video and part 2 validate my angry shoe hating thoughts hehe! (Ok so I do wear shoes but I still avoid them as much as possible…and I have monkey feet…..)


James May in Peugeot 207 v. Parkour Jumpers.

Top Gear and Parkour! The only thing that would make this more awesome would be if somehow they came across a peleton of cyclists! ;)

but I did practice. I was still really sore as I mentioned earlier but by the end of the day I ended up being able to move.

Once my husband came home from work he wanted to practice parkour in the park (which is good I hope he likes it cause it will be even more fun if he does it with me).

We practiced our cartwheels (two handed and one handed) , handstands, and rolls.(we didnt get around to practicing our vaults)

My rolls are getting better ;) My feet dont tangle up with themselves anymore but I still end up slightly wrong at the very end so more practice is much needed. My cartwheels are still not strait up and down but again I have made prgress and I was able to hold an actual hand stand for about 10 seconds this time ;)

Going to be sore again lol!

when there is no one in 500 miles who does it. So yea trying to teach myself.

Having my husband who has been in martial arts before teaching me how to roll (yes im aware a parkour roll is slightly different but its all i have to go on at the moment). so far not doing so well haha! Oh well I hope Ill get it eventually.

All I did was go fishing …sheepish smile ;)

I caught nothing though one giant fish swallowed my lure whole and then bit the line in two and swam away ….grrrr I liked that lure….

Anyways yea thats all I did.

I am having trouble wanting to do any running at all as of late. I dont like running in the first place but I do want to get better at it because at least two things I want to try in life require at least some running ( a triathlon and parkour)

So yea what should I do to make myself run when I dont want to which is pretty much all the time…..?

P.S. I also just got back from watching a movie at the drive in ( my first time there) It was Fast Five and it was AWESOME!!!!!


1: Parkour (any tips on how to start when there is no other people in 600 miles who do it?)

2: Caporeira 

3: Krav Maga

I really wish that there was someone near where I lived that knew parkour….then they could teach me ;) (Id rather not but I will try to teach myself if I have to ) lol !