So I did too much to fast and I feel like crap today….so Im going to have to take a few days off working out…pooo I was so close to touching my toes :( But yea my body is in shock…Im super hot and seconds later super cold, I feel like throwing up, my head is splitting and I can barely move across the room….taking care of a baby through this is going to suck!

Anyways here is wiw….


waist: 25”

chest: not measuring because it changes dramatically depending on when I feed the baby.

hips: 31

body fat: the scale keeps reading the (pardon the bluntness) milk in my breasts as body fat so it is being super wrong… says 25% and an online calculator that my husband says is almost spot on says 18%…..I dont think I am either….25% would be much softer me….and at 18% I should be able to see my abs or something….I think im more along the lines of 22%¬† again but yea so no idea haha!

Pictures (sorry they are so dark my camera is weird)

forgot to weigh in before eating this morning so here is yesterdays weights (no I dont typically weigh myself more than once a week if that but I was bored yesterday so I was doing random things)

Weight- 107lbs


Progress photos (ok not much progress lol!)

Feed Caspian

Do 10 squats with Caspian

Put Caspian on the floor and do 10 from the knee pushups  (to make sure I dont fall on him) above him

Keep him on the floor and do a 30 second plank

Put Caspian in his crib and do 25 jumping jacks

(run to the bathroom to pee before he starts crying)

Play with Caspian (also known as unintentionally making him scared out of his mind with stuffed animals….oops)

Then pick up Caspian and rock him until he almost falls asleep

Put back in crib and cross fingers….

if he falls asleep drink 8 oz of water, rest or do whatever I want, and repeat in 2 1/2 to 3 hours….

shhhh dont tell anyone I did exercises!

(I couldn’t stand it any more)

These are all done holding a screaming baby in an effort to soothe him to sleep with gentle movement…they were all done super slow.

20 squats (10 focused on glutes 10 focused on quads)

10 calf raises

10 butt kicks per leg

lots and lots of kegals (a curse on whoever invented them…icky!)