I have been making friends with the mail man lately as he has to bring me all these books lol!

The middle book is for me, the other two books are for me to learn how to feed my husband with….and there is another one coming.

I cant believe he claims I am his trainer…..what do I know about training and feeding a cyclist? o.0

Oh well time to learn, and that is good, I like learning :)

  1. Camera: Nikon D7000
  2. Aperture: f/3.5
  3. Exposure: 1/60th
  4. Focal Length: 18mm

Started weight lifting again this week so here are my starting photos and measurements.

Right bicep - 9.5 inches

Left bicep - 9.5 inches

Right forearm - 8.75 inches

Left forearm - 8.75 inches

Neck - 11.5 inches

Chest - 33 inches

Waist - 25 inches

Hips - 33.5 inches

Right Quad - 19.5 inches

Left Quad - 19.5 inches

Right Calf - 12.5 inches

Left Calf - 12.5 inches

Weight (coming tomorrow)

Body fat % according to the messed up scale (coming tomorrow)

Pictures after break

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Random I was bored  so I made a workout workout…also I am sick today….

Introducing the Baby Workout!

Got my first ever pair of Feiyues today :) So EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love them already :P)

not feeling very motivated to workout today…..but im doing it anyways !!!!!!!;) Yay me!!!!!!!

Ive done over half of the OMGOctober (blogilates) workouts for October 9th so far and ive had about 2 liters of water already :) only two more workouts and my 30 min every other day walk (because I like to piddle around in the park when my husband runs) to go ;)

(sorry its so fuzzy)

15 min of pilates…

10 min of balance work yoga SO HARD!!!!!!!

bonus….it entertained my son…though he seemed to be afraid I was going to fall on him during the yoga….yea it was bad haha!

My new cookbook….ordered it from england haha! (yea im that strange) Hopefully it will teach me better recipes for vegetables than most cookbooks because it was written during WWII before a lot of processed foods were available and they were rationing so a lot of what they ate were vegetables.

 Im hoping to learn how to use vegetables such as beets,leeks, cabbage, etc better becasue they were used a lot back then and I have no idea how to use them. Also from just glancing at the recipes they seem very “clean”  with simple ingredients which is also good for health and budget. 

Weight: 107.8 (dont know why im tracking this its just fun I guess lol! )

Body fat:….no idea lol!

Plan of action: continue with yoga and pilates this week and next week try to add in a bit of cardio….the week after that continue yoga but switch to bodyrock and zwows instead of the cardio and pilates

Mood: Great!!!!!!!


Think you dont have time to exercise, think again. Throughout the day take random 30 second breaks and do as many as you can of any exercise.

For example do 30 seconds of high knees after taking a bathroom break, or 30 seconds of jumping jacks when you are waiting for the printer to print something.

Think you will look stupid? ok you might but who cares, it is a lot better to look stupid then to be sick all the time because you never move.(and here is a picture of me looking stupid after getting up to put my sleepy sons paci back in his mouth)

Dont say I cant. When you say you CAN’T have something your body wants it. Instead say I DONT. 

Example dont say “Oh I wish I could have some of that fondu dipped cheesecake covered deep fried butter stick, but I cant.” 

Instead say “Thank you for the offer but I dont eat fondu dipped cheese cake covered deep fried butter sticks, sorry.”

(ok yes I do eat oreos but I dont have much junkfood in the house right now)

Dont watch your tv. Or at least dont watch it live. Food commercials want you to be hungry and eat that is how they sell their product.

To avoid being manipulated into being hungry do one of three things, record your program and fast forward through the commercials, watch your shows online from commercial free sites like netflix, or just dont watch tv at all.

In fact you might get more done in the day if you are not in front of an electronic box all day too.

So you have cut up your vegetables and put them away….what do you do with the scraps? It seems so wasteful to just throw them away.

Why not save them and make a vegetable stock. The stock can then be used for soup, or to cook rice, to spice up your cooking, or even drank strait.

Just save your vegetable scraps, boil some water, dump the scraps in, reduce heat so the water simmers, simmer for 30-45 min, then strain and refrigerate or freeze (in either a container or icecube tray) the stock. Then throw away the now used up vegetables without any guilt ;)

(note different vegetables may work better than others and different vegetable combinations will change the taste)

Wash and cut your vegetables the day you get them (or the day after if you shop late at night like me).

You are more likely to remember to use them for your meals if you do. Also if you wash and cut them before hand they will be ready to go when you are starving and looking around the fridge for a quick snack. You are usually going to go for something easy when you want a quick snack so make your healthy choices easy to grab.